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More on that in a moment. They advocated for the release of the materials to scholars, journalists, policymakers, legislators and the public. As a member of Congress, Mike Pompeo sympathized with their efforts. Last week, as CIA director, he released , documents, images and computer files from the Abbottabad collection. So much material, much of it never even translated, cannot be analyzed overnight.

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Obama had portrayed him, in retirement or a mere figurehead. As for al Qaeda , it was not, as Mr.

This confirms what some of us have been arguing for years: that al Qaeda and the Islamic Republic of Iran are not so much enemies as rivals. They compete and quarrel. For 1, years, no peace process has resolved the split between these two readings of Islam.

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But al Qaeda and the theocrats in Tehran do manage to cooperate, collaborate and collude. The CIA also recovered bin Laden's personal journal, which includes an entry the day before his death, among more than 18, documents, while there are approximately 79, audio and image files. But the more bizarre files are a lot of Tom and Jerry cartoons and various children's films - including Ice Age and Chicken Little - and, with obvious irony, a documentary called 'Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?

The jarring list of video files include titles as disparate as 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and 'A mortar attack upon al-Dowra police station in Baghdad'. In press releases that accompany the cache of materials recovered in the raid on May 2, , the CIA said the release is an effort to further enhance public understanding of Al-Qaeda. The CIA also say that there are files from the collection that remain unreleased, which include pornography, copyrighted materials, and files that 'directly damage efforts to keep the nation secure'. The entire collection has been available to the US Intelligence Community and Department of Defense organizations for years.

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It seeks to provide material relevant to understanding the plans and workings of terrorist organizations. The material are posted online at the CIA library in the original Arabic and in as close to the original form as possible, modified only so the files cannot be edited. The new tranche of material includes al-Qaeda letters, videos, audio files, and communications, as well as routine family correspondence.

The full list of videos are here.

The full list of documents can be found here. The audio files are here and the image files are here. Here is a list of material being withheld for copyright reasons, which illustrate the Western culture he and his family absorbed By Joshua Taylor Deputy news editor.

Gavin Allen Associate Editor.

Osama bin Laden's journal contains his thoughts on killing Americans - Los Angeles Times

Toby Meyjes. Prince Harry served in Helmand Province in Afghanistan in - months after being denied the chance to serve in Iraq Image: Tim Graham Photo Library Get the biggest Royal Family stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. As the first batch of documents released in revealed , someone at the compound had a penchant for conspiracy theories. Included in the trove released Wednesday are several documents concerning the Illuminati, for example.

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There are also over one-hundred YouTube videos, including " Charlie Bit My Finger ," a clip which became an iconic meme. In addition there are several clips labeled "Funny Cats. The CIA said it withheld a number of movies included in the cachet for copyright reasons.