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Photo credit: Shreya Goswami. Why is global poverty conspicuously absent from the roster of American Christian political interests? Are American Christians neglecting global poverty due to a lack of resources, or perhaps because of political indifference? The answers might surprise you. In fact, a Chronicle of Philanthropy study showed that people living in deeply religious parts of the country—in Utah, Idaho, and the bible belt states—give significantly more of their income to charity than do those living in more secular and Democratic states like New York and Massachusetts.

But the study also found that most of this money went to religious organizations such as churches rather than directly to those living in extreme poverty. When religious giving is excluded, heavily Christian areas of the country clock in some of the lowest percentages of charitable giving. Second, Christians do not overlook poverty relief efforts because of political apathy.

On the contrary, the American Protestant right prides itself on its political activism, rallying around issues like abortion, contraception , and euthanasia. But only rarely do these same Christians discuss the political issue that poses one of the greatest threats to billions of lives worldwide: extreme poverty. The World Bank estimates that currently 1. Christians have no reason to regard effective altruism as incompatible with their religious beliefs.

Indeed, the priorities of Christian ethics and effective giving reveal striking overlaps. Similarly, the Roman Catholic scholar Charles C. See also p. On the topic of effective giving, both Christians and the nonreligious can benefit from dialogue with each other. In a small way, giving helps us remake our present into the kind of world that we can joyfully inhabit. Charles C. Douglas A.

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Read more from Rhema Hokama. Suddenly, a speeding taxi appeared around This is a good time to start thinking about what you can do this year to reduce next year's tax bill.

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Here are th You might pick up a few groceries, pay a bill, or meet a friend for supper. Hey, LA folks, do you have a minute to save a life? We are always looking for new ways to build our movement; to reach more people; to end extreme poverty faster. Featured Posts. Part 1: Escaping Normal by Charles Bresler.

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Evidence Action 2. Frances Kissling 3. Give Directly 1. Giving Games We have to help the vulnerable by helping them be who God created them to be. The question is, how do we do that? The gospel is the only tool that has the power to transform heart, mind, and soul.

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Caring about the poor is not only about adding to their income. It certainly is about money, but it is about so much more.

Help us serve the poorest of the poor

When we engage in efforts to help the vulnerable, the gospel has to be at the heart of our efforts. At the core of poverty alleviation is igniting God-given dignity into the hearts of the poor by empowering them to be who God created them to be. In that, there is abundant joy. Poverty alleviation is all about relationships.

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Jesus loved and cared for the poor, and he calls us to model his example. If someone has an immediate need and we can help them, we should. While addressing immediate, dire needs, we must maintain the long-term vision of flourishing and self-sustenance. We need to help turn survival into thriving. Support our work.

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Tags: Church Poverty Social Justice. Posted: October 15 , More from The Exchange Trending. I have felt the heat of burnout in my own experience 31 years of pastoral ministry in three churches. November 6, Church Planting , Revitalization. Bill Gates thinks successful leaders will be those who empower others. I believe that this applies to church leadership as well. An assessment of the Hispanic Church Planting Report reveals the necessity of training.