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Een wandelinghe der Kersten menschen met Ihesu den brudegom der sielen inden hof der bloemen c. Fasciculus Mirrhe. Forma Predicandi incipit Benigne Jesu 15th cent. Gesta Romanorum cum Applicationibus Moralisatis et Mysticis late 13th cent. Lectionum de certis anni festis diligens sed tamen brevis descriptio. Legenda Sancti Francisci per sermones disctincta and Legenda Sancti Ludovici per sermones disctincta.

Libellus ad Petendam Restitutionem in Integram. Liber exemplorum ad usum praedicantium c.

Knowledge, Discipline and Power in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honour of David Luscombe

Liber miraculorum et visionum c. Liber Sapientiae Spiritualis first half 15th cent. Meditatio Pauperis in Solitudine c. Miracula Virginis Mariae - Collectio Exemplorum c. Necrologium Fratrum Minorum Hamburgensium. Processo delli morti in servitio delli appestati e di quelli che havendo servito, turravia vivono Provinciale Omnium Ecclesiarum and related works. Quaestiones disputatae 'De productione rerum', 'De imagine' et 'De anima' e schola bonaventuriana ca.

Quaestiones super III Sententiarum 14th cent. Et Nicolao de Lyra 15th cent. Sermones Diversi, Sermones de T. Sermones Epistolares et Evangeliares 15th cent. XIV 14th cent. Speculum Laicorum before ? Speigel der waren vnde rechten ynkere to gode Tractatus de bono modo predicandi 15th cent. Tractatus de Hedificatione Domus Spiritualis 15th cent. Tractatus Predicatione Evangelica ca. Tractatus Fraticellorum ad Rectores Urbis Romae 14th cent.

Vitae sanctorum fratrum minorum provinciae Saxoniae 14th cent. The work has apparently been edited in Juana Maria Arcelus Ulibarrena, Florensia 6 , needs to be checked. The Actus Beati Francisci et Sociorum Eius , or the Quaedam notabilia de beato Francisco et sociis eius et quidam actus eorum mirabiles was probably compiled between and The work consists of about 70 anecdotes or episodes concerning Francis and his early followers.

Many of these have a miraculous element and some include visions concerning the history of the order. These visions and the general message of many anecdotes reveal a spiritual point of view, according to which the order declined after the death of Francis and certainly after the abdication of minister general Giovanni of Parma in The Actus Beati Francisci et Sociorum Eius , which has come down to us in about 25 manuscripts, is the first text that two times presents Francis as alter Christus.

The Actus became the main source text for the popular Italian Fioretti di San Francesco , which was created in the second half of the fourteenth century.

Franziskus von Assisi (Doku-Kurzfilm, 2010)

Rehdiger ; Brussel,Bibl. Rosenthal; Paris, Bibl. Mazarine ; Paris, Bibl. Mazarine ; Rome, Bibl. Florian, Stiftsbibliothek XI.

Das Armutsverständnis des Franziskus von Assisi (German Edition)

Actus beati Francisci et Sociorum Eius , ed. See also the comments in A. Nuova edizione postuma di Jacques Cambell , ed. Cambell, M. Dialogo sulle gesta dei santi frati Minori. A new edition of the Actus seems to be in prep. These final recensions seem almost certainly to have been done in the middle s. It would seem that this Fioretti was the product of friars living at or near La Verna, where in the stigmata would heve been impressed on the body of Francis of Assisi.

The Fioretti is not a mere translation of the Actus.

Dr Anne Muller

It amounts to a thorough reworking, bent on transforming the Actus into a more orderly and accessible inspiration to piety, with even more emphasis on the stigmata and their spiritual meaning and the role of Francis, presented as a figure of a new covenant with God, to clense the sins of mankind. The Fioretti has received several editions. Masserron, illustr. Rudolf G. Riveduto su un nuovo codice , ed.

Schneider Kevelaer, See review in CF 73 , f. Legenden um Franz von Assisi in Bild und Text , ed. Anton Rotzetter Freiburg, Bilancio e prospettive , pp.

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Florence: Dip. Festschrift Udo F. Dieter Berg, Leonhard Lehmann et al. Bartoli, W.

Mastromatteo Bologna: Edizione Dehoniane, , Actus Beati Francisci in Valle Reatina. This is an anonymous collection of notices concerning Francis of Assisi in the region of Rieti.

Much more than documents.

The work has survived in a single manuscript from The work itself probably written at the beginning of the fourteenth century, and it is to a large extent a compilation of earlier sources, focusing on events from Francis's life that would have occurred in the Rieti valley. The work has strong spiritual tendencies and focuses on all kinds of local events that could be connected with miraculous actions and interventions of Francis.

Maria degli Angeli: Porziuncola, This work was composed by an as yet unknown Observant Franciscan friar from Siena, who was active around The Ammaestramenti amount to a simplified vernacular theological summa, presenting in detail regulations for almost every aspect of Christian life from prayer and fasting, to dress, personal hygiene and choice of reading matter.

Festschrift zum Geburtstag von Dieter Berg , ed.

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Averkorn et al. Mrozowicz, 'Die mittelalterliche Geschichtsschreibung in Schlesien.

Bibliography in: Virtue and Ethics in the Twelfth Century

Projekte und Forschungsprobleme , ed. Product of a Flemish friar Minor from the Ghent friary. He wrote between and a short chronicle on the town of Ghent and the County of Flanders, covering in annalistic fashion the period between and These annals give a partisan and engaged account of the struggle between Flanders and the French king Philip IV, and of the cumbersome alliance between Flanders and the English king Edward I.

The author is very concerned about the fate of terra nostra Flandria. Annales Gandenses , ed. Een eigentijdse kroniek van de Vlaamse vrijheidstrijd.