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Yet as an autonomous region with strong historic and ethnic connections with Russia many surmise that the Crimea, like Scotland or Catalonia, has the right to hold such a vote and that a free vote would have gone in favour of Russia in any case. There are some precedents for this situation. Aktuelles 2. Geopolitische Schwerpunkte 2. USA 2. Naher und Mittlerer Osten, Maghreb 2. Zentral- und Ostasien 2. Subsahara-Afrika 2.

Sicherheitspolitische Presseschau

Mittel- und Lateinamerika 2. Sonstige 3. Wissenschaft und Forschung 7. Religionen 8. Konflikt der Kulturen 9. Terrorismus, Fundamentalismus und Extremismus Sonstige Links. Mehr lesen. Ausgabe vom Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen. Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Mehr lesen auf sicherheitspolitik. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. Die internationale Sicherheit ist fragil und bedroht. In di Dieser Band zieht Bilanz, fra Theater Macht Gleichwertigkeit Partizipation 2. Datenbank "Politische Bildung und Polizei". Weitere Publikationssuche. Die Netzdebatte werkstatt. Newsletter Sicherheitspolitische Presseschau. Sicherheitspolitische Presseschau — die Ausgaben der letzten Tage Ausgabe vom Internationales Internationales.

Zahlen und Fakten. Globalisierung Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. Publikationen zum Thema Internationale Sicherheit im Jahrhundert Die internationale Sicherheit ist fragil und bedroht. Am Hindukusch — und weiter? Social Media. Weitere Angebote 17juni Wir setzen auf dieser Website Cookies ein. Germany helped to destroy Europe. Although Russian and Syrian forces were successful in retaking the historic city of Palmyra last year, once they turned their attention towards Aleppo IS returned. These are ominous lessons for military planners in Damascus, suggesting that the residual influence of groups such as Islamic State and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham will continue to resonate for years to come.

The fall of Aleppo may well have marked a turning point in the Syrian conflict — but only towards a more draconian and jihadi-led armed opposition. In Syria, even as IS militants fight to defend their territory in Raqqa, they have made gains in the Aleppo Governorate, moving ever closer to the strategic town of Azaz. Whoever controls Azaz also controls the nearby Bab al-Salam border crossing with Turkey, an important source of revenue and influence.

IS previously occupied Azaz but abandoned it in to consolidate its control in Raqqa.

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Throughout history, when one of these powers has wielded hegemony in the region, or a concert of powers has agreed a settled division, peace has generally prevailed. When no single power has been dominant or, worse, when powers have competed for control, chaos has invariably ensued. Russia is not overtly trying to overturn the regional order. Instead, its aim is to bolster its alliances, deter the expansion of Nato and defend its economic interests in the Balkans.

But regional disorder could still be the outcome. If Russia is cornered by the West over Ukraine, Moscow could trigger a serious regional crisis that embroils the EU and Nato, simply by giving a green light to the Bosnian Serbs. It will be objected that the states that were destroyed were brutal dictatorships. In working to overthrow these regimes, the West has released the forces of theocracy and come close to eradicating secular government in the Middle East.

Worse, by persisting in its efforts to topple Assad, the West risks producing a catastrophe greater than any that has yet occurred. If Assad were violently overthrown, the Syrian army would likely disintegrate and the state of Syria cease to exist. The country would become an anarchical killing field in which dozens of jihadist groups compete for power. David Clark schreibt, dass die Ukraine-Krise in anderen Staaten der russischen Peripherie aufmerksam beobachtet werde.

Putin has improved social welfare in Russia. Putin has restored Russian might. There is no one else. Russians do not seek prosperity but stability. They are less concerned with individual freedom than with the collective sense of status and integrity.

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Spanning both European and Asian continents, Russia has inherited the Eastern sense of community, attitude of acceptance and predisposition towards authoritarian government. Sam Thompson beklagt, dass die Pegida-Proteste nun auch in der nordenglischen Stadt Newcastle angekommen seien. Part of its genesis is purely practical. In reality, this spirit is the result of anti racist activity from long-standing working class institutions. It is not common decency that keeps out the racists, but the legacy of co-ops, labour activism and strong trade unions. Angesichts des erneuten Anstiegs der terroristischen Bedrohung weltweit kommt Hamed El-Said von der Manchester Metropolitan University zu dem Schluss, dass der militarisierte "Krieg gegen den Terror" nicht zu gewinnen sei.

In Europa sei dies vor einigen Jahren erkannt worden, auf internationaler Ebene seien "weiche" Gegenstrategien zum Terrorismus allerdings immer noch eine Ausnahme. The rest continue to rely on a kinetic approach that is only capable of creating more hostilities and antagonism. Many of those countries are close allies of the US in its so-called war on terror. In sum, despite the much talked about role of 'soft' counter de-radicalisation policies in countering violent extremism, such policies have never been given a genuine opportunity to succeed.

The problem with fundamentalists is not that we consider them inferior to us, but, rather, that they themselves secretly consider themselves inferior. This is why our condescending politically correct assurances that we feel no superiority towards them only makes them more furious and feeds their resentment.

The problem is not cultural difference their effort to preserve their identity , but the opposite fact that the fundamentalists are already like us, that, secretly, they have already internalized our standards and measure themselves by them. Paradoxically, what the fundamentalists really lack is precisely a dose of that true 'racist' conviction of their own superiority. This has not gone unnoticed by extremists, who have used these issues in their output to proclaim France as a land of inequity where Muslims can never truly be at home. By targeting Charlie Hebdo, the nuance of this discussion has been lost entirely and the attackers have succeeded in their attempt at polarisation. The JeSuisCharlie and IamCharlie Twitter hashtags, which required uncritical support of the magazine in lieu of sympathy with the murdered, only entrenched this schism.

This problem that we have had has been solved by the London Protocol. The objective of this directive is to align the legislative systems of the member states to ensure a highly consistent and homogeneous level of the protection in the Internal Market. National courts will adjudicate any litigation relating to a European patent. Awareness of the value of intellectual property assets, of the necessity to stop any infringement on, and the necessity of adequate compensation for damages to intellectual property owners is growing.

Based to Art. The achievement of the Internal Market entails eliminating restrictions on freedom of movement and distortion of competition, while creating an environment conductive to innovation and investment Even the directive should not interfere with Artt.

All measures, procedures and remedies shall be fair and equitable, shall not be unnecessarily complicated, costly, entail unreasonable time-limits, or unwarranted delays and should also be effective, proportionate and dissuasive cf. Infringements carried out on commercial scale are those carried out or directly or indirectly for economic or commercial advantage.


These actions should be prosecuted in court. The alleged infringer should be forestalled from any imminent infringements of intellectual property by an interlocutory injunction cf. Also, at request of the applicant, the court should ensure that appropriate measures, e.