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He finds himself on a completely unfamiliar planet. Now it is his job to unlock the secret of how he got there and help scientists on his home planet to make the same journey. Join him as he takes the first step towards instantaneous space travel. About words.

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Read online. The daughter of a powerful rival, Bera is as dangerous as she is alluring.

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How long can their feral attraction be hidden? Short story of words or about 5 pages. Kristen's life gets more complicated as she deals with losing the only man she's really ever loved Her only ally as she's running to save her life from someone trying to kill her is her father's neighbor, an ex-police officer and writer, who knows just how to get under Kristen's skin. This book sounds like an amazing read. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and great post!

January 26, at pm. Nancy S said:. Coral said:. There are quite a few tidbits of Norse Myths in Broods. Originally I had actual Old Norse dialog at a few points, but I eventually abandoned that idea because it made those parts difficult to read. Cool, maybe my viking ancestors! Not that I am barbaric but I know my great-grandfather was a mean old son-of-a-bitch. I look forward to checking out your myths.

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Gena Robertson said:. Thanks so much for commenting! I second the comment about the gorgeous cover. His eyes are mesmerizing! I like stories with a strong romantic element; looking forward to reading this one.

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  • Just found it at Smashwords. I love blue eyes, Linda! Good luck in the giveaway! Karen C said:. Very interesting! Certainly has me curious as to why he killed his father and why he feels he might become like his father! Congratulations on the release of Broods of Fenrir. Hi Karen! Thanks for dropping in. Kathryn Anne Merkel said:. When reviewers describe a book with the words paranormal romance, shifter and werewolves, I think I can actually feel my wish list growing.

    Is there a step program for book addicts? Aw, man, I sure hope not! Thanks for the laugh! You know, I almost wish there was a program, because my to be read list is awful long. Tags broods of fenrir , coral moore , giveaway , paranormal romance , werewolves.

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    Like this: Like Loading Hi, Sandy! It sure does sound fab. Good luck in the drawing! Nancy S said: January 26, at am. Do you draw on Norse mythology for anything other than the name? Fab question, Nancy!

    This method of taking the fight to the Wyrm caused quite the inspiration and recruitment among young and old Ahroun alike. The Rovers are an example of a broken paradigm of the Fianna. Typical Fianna are fiercely dedicated to their homes and their lands where they have created families and ties, and so the Rovers shatter this convention by wandering all over Gaia.

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    Among their number are the gypsies, the vagabonds, and all others who have an unquenchable wanderlust. The dilemma for this Camp is that their intentions are hardly as well-known as the Songkeepers. So what are the Rovers up to? While not widely spoken of, the Rovers are the eyes and ears of the Tribe. The Righs of the Rovers report to the Ard Righ which keeps the Fianna well-informed and quick to respond to threats. If any Camp can contest the Songkeepers in age, it would be the Grandchildren of Fionn.

    The Grandchildren seek to live up to the glories of their ancestors past by roaming their regions and nations looking for foes to fight, challenges to overcome, and sagas to earn. While there are some more senior members of the Grandchildren of the Fionn,, typically the allure wears off and the call to settle down with Kin and a warm hearth supercedes the need for adventure. The Children of Dire are a Camp dedicated to the purity of the wild places of the world, and are composed of almost entirely of Lupus Fianna.

    Though Homid Fianna who have shown a dedication to protecting Lupus kinfolk, and the wild by running with Dire packs can be considered honorary members of the Camp. Metis Fianna are never allowed in the Camp, nor the wild and pure places they protect. They specialize in studying and knowing the various pacts and ties with the Faeries. They know best of all the Fianna the capricious nature of the Good Folk, and go through trips to the Arcadia Gateway through the Umbra to observe the Faeries at a distance and acquire special lore and knowledge of them.

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    After their trips to Arcadia the Tuatha then work with and maintain relations between the Tribe and the Fae. No Fianna chooses to join the Tuatha, but are instead recruited by existing Tuatha who see special qualities in the potential recruit some whisper of Faerie blood, others of some other exposure to the Fae.

    The Tuatha also study the other denizens of the World of Darkness and collect knowledge of them. The following is a guide to how the Fianna select and maintain their leadership. It is designed to create inner-Tribe politics and communication and cooperation as well as giving individuals a chance on nearly every level to participate in the Tribe on the scale of our organization. Most of this is taken from the Tribebooks Revised and 2nd Ed , though some of it has been created to facilitate the aforementioned gameplay.

    As with most of the ways of the Fianna their Tribal structure is based on ancient Celtic culture. Fianna Septs are led by a Righ, which is the equivalent of a Chieftan or warleader. In order to become a Righ a Fiann must pass a number of very challenging tests. He has to prove himself in utmost physical condition, quick-witted to jest and answer riddles, and able to endure pain and show strength and speed enough to defeat the strongest of foes. He must also know the Silver Record and the legends of the Fianna Tribe by rote memory, and tell them with great skill. She is responsible for maintaining ties between the Fianna and the other Tribes of her protectorate, as well as maintaining communication and cooperation between the other Righs beneath her.

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    She can petition a higher Righ if a decision needs to be made with impacts on a grander scale. She is also imparted the duty to allocate the resources of her protectorate as necessary to fulfill the needs of the Fianna. A Righ can create and appoint new offices to handle specific tasks, but these offices cannot supercede or impede the core chain of command given here.

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    While a Righ can appoint Metis to roles, the Righ must be very careful as to what responsibilities and roles he lets a Metis have. Anything commanding other non-Metis or entrusting Fianna secrets or Caerns is cause for immediate consternation from the Tribe. Righs are also allowed to appoint a successor to their throne, which will be discussed more in just a moment.

    Righs are often found among the Ahroun and Galliard Auspices, however, nothing prevents a qualified member of another Auspice from becoming a Righ. Though the Righ leads the Sept, he is advised by a Council of Song. As with all positions within the Tribe, Fianna who desire to be on a Council of Song must prove themselves worthy of the title in challenges and competitions hosted by the Righ.

    A Righ that goes to war or makes hasty decisions without first consulting his Council of Song does not remain a Righ long. In the event that a member or the entirety of the Council of Song is killed or deemed unfit by the Righ, a new call may be placed for those who would seek to stand on the Council.