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Stars: John Gallagher Jr. Freaks Drama Horror. Freak Show Comedy Drama. Farm House Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Christopher Adamson Lon Rebekah Kochan Lucy Dane Rosselli Hank Sharon Edrei Sherri McKenna Geu Kimmie Robert Pike Daniel Security Chief Mark Preston Miller Lee Matt Blashaw Jimmy Dean N. Arnie Mighty Mike Murga Curtis Amy Dunton Bobby-Bobbie Jeff Allen Margaret the Cannibal Girl Stefanie Naifeh Edit Storyline In a modern retelling of Tod Browning's "Freaks" , "Freakshow" tells the story of a group of criminals who chose to hide out by working security at a traveling circus.

Genres: Horror. Language: English. Runtime: 85 min 90 min DVD.

A freak show blames Snapchat for its death

Sound Mix: Dolby SR. Color: Color.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Real sideshow folks participated in this movie, in front and behind the cameras.

Freakshow Season 2, Episode and Cast Information - AMC

Quotes Little Kimmie : I Kimmie Crazy Credits "No freaks were hurt during the production of this screenplay. Alternate Versions The original version had an opening prologue and epilogue involving three young boys on Halloween trick or treating and having them meet an old man who tells the entire tale to them about the so-called "worm woman". Frequently Asked Questions Q: When is the scheduled release date for this movie? Q: Where may I find this movie? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Freakshow unknown. A girl who seems relatively stable but actually has serious issues. Some issues include: bouts of low self-esteem , inability to communicate effectively, and having serious social issues. Freakshows often have one minor, yet incredibly significant glitch that keeps them from being great friends or girlfriends. Sarah was smart and cute, but she flaked on her friends a lot.

She sent mixed signals, and was just difficult to socially vibe with. Some days she'd be fun and happy, other days she'd be demure and sad.

Freak Show

A real freakshow. January 6 May 9 Beefer Chocolate Mop I'm outta here Fucky Wucky It was a symbol of the peak of the practice and its acceptance in American society. During the s it was common to see most circuses having freak shows, eventually making the circus a major place for the display of human oddities. Most of the museums and side shows that had traveled with major circuses were disgracefully owned during most of By human phenomena were now combined with a variety of entertainment acts from the sideshows.

By tent size and the number of sideshow attractions began to increase, with most sideshows in large circuses with twelve to fifteen exhibits plus a band. Bands typically were made up of black musicians, blackface minstrel bands, and troupes of dancers dressed as Hawaiians. These entertainers were used to attract crowds and provide a festive atmosphere inside the show tent. By the s the circus was declining as a major form of amusement, due to competition such as amusement parks; movie houses and burlesque tours; and the rise of the radio. Circuses also saw a large decline in audience during the depression as economic hard times and union demands were making the circus less and less affordable and valuable.

Freak shows were viewed as a normal part of American culture in the late 19th century to the early 20th century. The shows were viewed as a valuable form of amusement for middle-class people and were quite profitable for the showmen. Some scholars [ who? Other scholars [ who?

Freak show

Changing attitudes about physical differences led to the decline of the freak show as a form of entertainment towards the end of the 19th century. As previously mysterious anomalies were scientifically explained as genetic mutations or diseases , freaks became the objects of sympathy rather than fear or disdain. Laws were passed restricting freak shows for these reasons.

For example, Michigan law forbids the "exhibition [of] any deformed human being or human monstrosity, except as used for scientific purposes". People could see similar types of acts and abnormalities from the comfort of their own homes or a nice theater, they no longer needed to pay to see freaks. Though movies and television played a big part in the decline of the freak show, the rise of disability rights was the true cause of death.

It was finally viewed as wrong to profit from others' misfortune: the days of manipulation were done. However, in many places freak shows are still popular features. Today, popular networks like TLC offer shows that can be seen as exploiting people in the same way that Barnum's museum did. Their shows like " Little People, Big World " and "My Pound Life" look at the oddities of human nature and create audiences for them. Though paid well, the freaks of the 19th century didn't always enjoy the quality of life that this idea led to. Frank Lentini, the three-legged man, was quoted saying, "My limb does not bother me as much as the curious, critical gaze.

Although freak shows were viewed as a place for entertainment, they were also a place of employment for those who could advertise, manage, and perform in its attractions. In an era before there was welfare or worker's compensation, severely disabled people often found that placing themselves on exhibition was their only choice and opportunity for making a living. Many freak show performers were lucky and gifted enough to earn a livelihood and have a good life through exhibitions, some becoming celebrities, commanding high salaries and earning far more than acrobats, novelty performers, and actors.

The salaries of dime museum freaks usually varied from twenty-five to five hundred dollars a week, making a lot more money than lecture-room variety performers. At the height of freak shows' popularity, they were the only job for dwarves. Many scholars have argued that freak show performers were being exploited by the showmen and managers for profit because of their disabilities. Many freaks were paid generously but had to deal with museum managers who were often insensitive about the performers' schedules, working them long hours just to make a profit. This was particularly hard for top performers since the more shows these freaks were in, the more tickets were sold.

Individual exhibits were hired for about one to six weeks by dime museums.

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The average performer had a schedule that included ten to fifteen shows a day and was shuttled back and forth week after week from one museum to another. For example: Fedor Jeftichew , known as "Jo-Jo, the Dog-Faced Boy" appeared at the Globe Museum in New York, his manager arranged to have him perform twenty-three shows during a twelve to fourteen hour day. The entertainment appeal of the traditional "freak shows" is arguably echoed in numerous programmes made for television.

Extraordinary People on the British television channel Five or BodyShock show the lives of severely disabled or deformed people, and can be seen as the modern equivalent of circus freak shows. On The Guardian , Chris Shaw however comments that "one man's freak show is another man's portrayal of heroic triumph over medical adversity" and carries on with "call me prejudiced but I suspect your typical twentysomething watched this show with their jaw on the floor rather than a tear in their eye".

The musical Side Show centers around Daisy and Violet Hilton and their lives as conjoined twins on exhibition. American Horror Story: Freak Show also focuses on freak shows. Some of its characters are played by disabled people, rather than all of the disabilities being created through makeup or effects.

Freakshow (feat. Jean Deaux)

Rowling 's Wizarding World creative universe, the Circus Arcanus is a freak show for individuals with rare magical conditions and deformities, as well as a variety of magical animal species and hominids.