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Canadian adaptation by G.

- The Vampire Diaries - Bloopers 1 - 8 - Lize Verleene -

ESF and Mondia, The sound vowel, diphthong or consonant to be studied appears in red. Gestural-phonetic nethod of teaching to read. This method is delineated, step by step, so that the teacher can proceed gradually. Each vowel, diphthong and consonant is taught separately.

A series of exercises follows the instruction. Heath de Rochemont Company, Key to the games and "devinettes" is also contained in this book on p. The content is strictly French. The games, puzzles, maps, comic strips and poems add variety to the presentation of the 45 lessons. Each lesson begins with a short dialogue followed by sound-letter identification of words from the narrative, supplemented by words containing the same sound.

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Some cultural notes are explained in English, e. Unavailable 59 Smith, M. The House of Grant Canada Ltd. The selections have vocabulary explanations on each page and are followed by a number of exercises. A complete glossary and a list of abbreviations are found at the back of the book. Both the selections and the questions are graded: Section A requires general knowledge whereas section 8 requires more specific, precise vocabulary. The aim of this book is to stimulate discussions and to provide a structure for the practice of newly acquired vocabulary.

Texts are short and modern. Sketches and diagrams accompany most instructions. Compendium of games, skits, mathematical problems, tricks, mazes, etc. A solution is provided for each suggested problem or trick. Illustrations and sketches aid comprehension. This booklet is intended to introduce students to French Canadian prose and poetry. To help facilitate understanding of each selection, questions and exercises are included at the back of the book. Teachers with limited funds would welcome this booklet. Soft-cover, page textbook with preface, table of contents, bilingual lexicon and alphabetical index.


Each section presents a model of the grammatical element to be taught. Generally 3 or 4 exercises follow. This textbook is designed in such a way that it is easy to use, either for revision purposes or in teaching. The language is modern and archaic forms have been deliberately omitted. Unavailable 61 Taggart, G.

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Soft-cover booklet, 67 pp. Key to exercises assigned in the textbook. Key to exercises assigned in student's textbook.

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Each exercise limits itself to one linguistic element, e. Unavailable Taylor, Maurie N. Short booklet, soft-cover, 51 pp.

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This booklet contains all kinds of games - it gives instructions not only on how to play them but also on how to reproduce the skits, mazes, trellises, cryptograms, acrostics, ladders, etc. Can be used as a student and teacher reference since the degree of difficulty is variable. Unavailable 62 Theriault, Yves. Some books have maps at the beginning. Le secret de Mufjarti. Les dauphins de Monsieur Yu. Le chateau des petits hommes verts. La bete a tetes. Les vampires de la rue Monsieur-le-Prince.

Original works by Yves Theriault with added gloss and notes, each is a story of secret agent Volpek. At the end of each book is an 8 - 10 page section of questions and exercises. The language and vocabulary are very advanced. These books are suggested as individual enrichment for very advanced students. Moderate 63 Topping, Anne. Series of three paperbacks of approx. Each contains a preface and a glossary.

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Book I Les Duval - written entirely in the present tense, this book presents a vocabulary of words. Gram- matical progression is gradual and there is much repetition. Comparative and relative pronoun 'qui' is introduced. Practice with infinitives is also stressed.

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Direct and indirect pronouns and the near future with 'aller' are used. Authentic documents, maps and illustrations are included. Each chapter is followed by exercises on vocabulary building, comprehension, expression and discussion. The book also contains a 'Filmographie' in which films related to the topic are listed along with the N. A useful cultural reader. Inexpensive 64 Valette, 3. A beginning reader with a French cultural orientation. Difficult words are glossed throughout texts. Good section at the beginning telling students how to read in French.

Exercises and activities follow each text. Language and vocabulary are simple and book can be used by beginning student mid-way through the year. Progressively gets more difficult. Instructions are in English. Some readings are interesting for whole-class activities. Others may lend themselves to group or individual work. Each book consists of 29 individual units. Each unit is 2 pages long and consists of approx. Each page of the workbook corresponds to a unit in the book. The books aim at developing reading comprehension and the workbooks serve to progressively introduce written work. Structures progress from introductory to an intermediate level.

Metric measurement is used. Preface, table of contents, exercises and vocabulary list. Their aim is to consolidate and build onto vocabulary and structures acquired orally. Written in short, easy paragraphs, meant to help students gain satisfaction and confidence for further progress.

see Traditional songs such as: Songs involve a lot of repetition and are easy to learn. Selection of traditional songs: Traditional songs to be learned, usually accompanied by movement, e. Kit contains 1 teacher's guide, I cassette, 1 'ceinture f lechee', 5 booklets, 8 project-cards, 30 student hand-out sheets. Kit first presents the historical background of the Quebec Winter Carnaval.

Vocabulary is explained and a lexicon supplements the explanation. All the activities typical of the Carnaval are then presented and explained, e. Suggestions can be used to prepare a school winter carnival. Kit contains a teacher's guide, large illustrations, a student worksheet for each theme and an answer key.