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So let's begin our review of Seagal's career about half way through. An opening scene can tell you a lot about what to expect from a film. In the opening scene of Out for Justice, Steven Seagal watches a pimp beat up a sex worker from an unmarked van and turns to his partner. The two have this exchange:. Seagal: You know, Bobby, you been acting kind of strange lately. You okay?

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Bobby: Just had a few personal problems. It's taken care of Seagal : What kind of problems? Bobby : I'll straighten it out. Seagal : You sure? Bobby : Absolutely. Don't worry about it. You now know that Bobby is either going to betray Seagal or get murdered pretty quickly. The pimp continues to beat his ho' and in the next bit of dialogue we learn everything we need to know about Seagal's character. Budding screenwriters pay attention now. Seagal: What's he doing?

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He's beating this girl. Bobby: We got a 3-million dollar hit about to go down over here. You don't like it, turn your head. Come on, Gino.

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Bobby over radio : Gino's blowing it. Let's go. Prostitute while being beaten : I'm pregnant [ Have you ever seen a character established so quickly? Within five lines we know that Seagal's character is named Gino, he's a loose cannon who won't stand for injustice even if it means blowing a three million dollar bust and this is nineties Gino did the right thing. The establishment of the villain, Richie is just as on-the-nose moments later when he announces he has some scores to settle, then murders Bobby in the following scene and randomly guns down a woman for honking at him in traffic moments later.

Gino good, Richie bad. As police officers arrest the pimp and his cohorts the religious Seagal fan might be running his buttery fingers through his mullet and wondering if he was just robbed of a fight scene. But Gino waves off the other cops and tells the pimp to come at him. The pimp does nothing but shout about knowing where Gino lives.

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He performs this so forcefully that he is able to throw the pimp's head through a car window. Then there is some swinging around by the tie, then the pimp charges him and is backdropped through the windscreen.

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And this hits on a theme of Seagal's fighting in this movie. Seagal is a seventh dan in Aikido, a martial art which famously only works if the opponent is running straight at you. Consequently almost all of Seagal's fight scenes involve people running straight at him and he rarely does much attacking himself. After Gino's partner, Bobby Lupo he with the vague personal issues is murdered by Richie, Gino is summoned to the crime scene. He gets the call just as he is taking his son out to play ball walking past a katana in the hallway.

Having to cancel that one promised game of ball, Gino calls Vic who is quickly established as his ex-wife when she declares that the force work him too hard and that their son, Tony—who is never mentioned or seen again—has been waiting a whole month for the visit. In this scene Seagal pre-empted one of today's fashions by almost thirty years: pioneering the sleeveless black jumpsuit that you see everywhere at the moment. When Gino finally agrees to put on some sleeves and shut down the gun show he opts for the ruffliest number you have seen since Gangrel was jobbing on Sunday Night Heat.

When Gino arrives at the scene of Bobby's murder Jerry Orbach appears like a bolt from the blue to inject some acting talent—albeit in the same role that he always plays. Orbach portrays the police captain who Gino tells to just give him time to murder the man responsible.

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It's not by the book but Orbach agrees to this without much argument because "it's personal". The star power of this movie is quite considerable in retrospect. Not only is Orbach present but the thinking man's crumpet, Julianna Margulies' makes her movie debut as Rica, a prostitute whom Richie abuses. This is where the movie hits its stride as a meandering mess as Gino wanders around Brooklyn trying to find Richie, beating people up and then moving on. He meets with Richie's parents and makes it clear that they are like family to him, even though he's going to murder Richie.

Constantly we are shown that Gino considers his community of the highest importance and that everyone loves and fears him. Jones, Gailard Sartain. Executive Decision Half Past Dead Action Crime Thriller. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Steven Seagal Gino Felino William Forsythe Richie Madano Jerry Orbach Ronnie Donziger Jo Champa Vicky Felino Shareen Mitchell Laurie Lupo Sal Richards Frankie Gina Gershon Patti Madano Jay Acovone Bobby Arms Nick Corello King Joe Spataro Bobby Lupo Ron Brumbelow Cop Jack Cipolla Cop Chic Daniel Edit Storyline Brooklyn cop Gino Felino is about to go outside and play catch with his son Tony when he receives a phone call alerting him that his best friend Bobby Lupo has been shot dead in broad daylight on 18th Avenue in front of his wife Laurie Lupo and his two kids by drug kingpin Richie Madano, who has been Gino and Bobby's enemy since childhood.

Taglines: Steven Seagal is Out for Justice! Language: English Italian Spanish.

Runtime: 91 min 82 min heavily cut. Sound Mix: Dolby Stereo 4 channels.

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Color: Color Technicolor. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Steven Seagal has played several Italian-American characters in his career, including his role in this film. He has said that he is often mistaken for being Italian-American himself; however, he is of Dutch, English, German, Russian, and Jewish ancestry. Goofs When Gino shows his wife the puppy and asks if they should show it to their son, she responds, but her lips stay closed.

Quotes Det. Gino Felino : Anybody seen Richie? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?

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Most of the scenes are uncut, expect the scene where Don Vitorios guys come into Winnies bar for the second time. The shootdown with Richie is a little shorter. User Reviews. Was this review helpful to you?

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