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Third, the book contains a rich range of details that are useful to researchers in a number of fields.

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The literature review, for example, is extensive and contains detailed presentations of literature in German and, to a lesser extent, French, that is rarely cited in the English-speaking world. The detailed presentation of the interview data in the results section makes for very interesting reading for anyone interested in how foreign language learners construct their perceptions of other cultures.

Likewise, the analysis of German textbooks is thorough and offers insight into how to analyze textbooks from the perspective of intercultural communicative competence. Such a framework is especially helpful in nations where the choice of textbooks is limited by government approval or financial and market conditions.

Teachers of German as a foreign language, in particular, will find the analysis of textbooks interesting.

To conclude, Acquiring Intercultural Communicative Competence from Textbooks offers a refreshingly new perspective on the old problem of how foreign language education can contribute to improving intercultural understanding, thereby improving the potential for peace. This topic, like so many other topics in foreign language education, comes and goes, but after a decade of relative neglect in the s, it is returning to the center of discussion as people search for solutions to the intercultural hate that plagues much of the world today.

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Teaching Intercultural Communicative Competence with a Textbook

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Assessing Intercultural Communicative Competence in: Issues in Coursebook Evaluation

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Teaching and assessing intercultural communicative competence

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Identifying cyberpragmatic rules of engagement in telecollaboration

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Intercultural Communicative Competence - Byram's model

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