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Uncommon Grace: The Life of Flannery O'Connor (First Five Minutes)

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On this account I am disposed to question whether the Canzone at page where the author speaks of his poverty can really be Guido's work, though I have included it as being interesting if rightly attributed to him; and it is possible that, when exiled, he may have suffered for the time in purse as well as person.

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About three years after his death, on the 10th June , the Black party plotted together and set fire to the quarter of Florence chiefly held by their adversaries. In this conflagration the houses and possessions of the Cavalcanti were almost entirely destroyed; the flames in that neigh- bourhood as Dino Compagni records gaining rapidly page: Guido appears, by various evidence, to have written, besides his poems, a treatise on Philosophy and another on Oratory, but his poems only have survived to our day.

As a poet, he has more individual life of his own than belongs to any of his predecessors; by far the best of his pieces being those which relate to himself, his loves and hates. Towards the close of his life, Dante, in his Latin treatise De Vulgari Eloquio , again speaks of himself as the friend of a poet,—this time of Cino da Pistoia. Guittoncino de' Sinibuldi for such was Cino's full name was born in Pistoia, of a distinguished family, in the year He devoted himself early to the study of law, and in was Assessor of Civil Causes in his native city.

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With their accession to power came many iniquitous laws in favour of their own party; so that Cino, as a lawyer of Ghibelline opinions, soon found it necessary or advisable to leave Pistoia, for it seems uncertain whether his removal was voluntary or by proscription.

Hither Vergiolesi had retreated with his family and adherents when resistance in the city became no longer possible; and it may be supposed that Cino came to join him, not Sig.

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  • Over her cheerless tomb Cino bent and mourned, as he has told us, when, after a prolonged absence spent partly in France, he returned through Tuscany on his way to Rome. He had not been with Selvaggia's family at the time of her death; and it is probable that, on his return to the Sambuca, the fortress was already sur- rendered, and her grave almost the only record left there of the Vergiolesi. In another three years the last blow was dealt to the hopes of the exiled and persecuted Ghibellines, by the death of the Emperor, caused almost surely by poison.

    This death Cino has lamented in a canzone. It probably determined him to abandon a cause which seemed dead, and return, when possible, to his native city.

    This he succeeded in doing before , as in that year we find him deputed, together with six other citizens, by the Government of Pistoia to take possession of a stronghold recently yielded to them. He had now been for some time married to Margherita degli Ughi, of a very noble Pistoiese family, who bore him a son named Mino, and four daughters, Diamante, page: After returning to Pistoia, Cino's whole life was devoted to the attainment of legal and literary fame. In these pursuits he reaped the highest honours, and taught at the universities of Siena, Perugia, and Florence; having for his disciples men who afterwards became celebrated, among whom rumour has placed Petrarch, though on examination this seems very doubtful.

    He and his Selvaggia are also coupled with Dante and Beatrice in the same poet's Trionfi d'Amore cap. Though established again in Pistoia, Cino resided there but little till about the time of his death, which occurred in Messer Cino de' Sinibuldi was a prosperous man, of whom we have ample records, from the details of his examinations as a student, to the inventory of his effects after death, and the curious items of his funeral expenses. Of his claims as a poet it may be said that he filled creditably the interval which elapsed between the death of Dante and the full blaze of Petrarch's suc- cess.

    Most of his poems in honour of Selvaggia are full of an elaborate and mechanical tone of complaint which hardly reads like the expression of a real love; never- theless there are some, and especially the sonnet on her tomb at page , which display feeling and power.

    Uncommon Grace: Saved for a Purpose

    The finest, as well as the most interesting, of all his page: Having now spoken of the chief poets of this division, it remains to notice the others of whom less is known. All the writers on early Italian poetry seem to agree in specially censuring this poet's rhymes as coarse and trivial in manner; nevertheless, they are sometimes distinguished by a careless force not to be despised, and even by snatches of real beauty.

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    • Of Dante da Maiano's life no record whatever has come down to us. Nearly all his sonnets and no other pieces by him have been preserved relate either to an unnatural hatred of his father, or to an infatuated love for the daughter of a shoemaker, a certain married Becchina. It would appear that Cecco was probably enamoured of her before her marriage as well as after- wards, and we may surmise that his rancour against his father may have been partly dependent, in the first page: In reading many both of Cecco's love-sonnets and hate-sonnets, it is impossible not to feel some pity for the indications they contain of self-sought poverty, un- happiness, and natural bent to ruin.

      Altogether they have too much curious individuality to allow of their being omitted here: especially as they afford the earliest prominent example of a naturalism without afterthought in the whole of Italian poetry. Their humour is some- times strong, if not well chosen; their passion always forcible from its evident reality: nor indeed are several among them devoid of a certain delicacy.

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      This quality is also to be discerned in other pieces which I have not included as having less personal interest; but it must page: Cecco Angiolieri seems to have had poetical intercourse with Dante early as well as later in life; but even from the little that remains, we may gather that Dante soon put an end to any intimacy which may have existed between them. That Cecco already poetized at the time to which the Vita Nuova relates, is evident from a date given in one of his sonnets ,—the 20th June , and from his sonnet raising objections to the one at the close of Dante's autobiography.

      When the latter was written he was probably on good terms with the young Alighieri; but within no great while afterwards they had discovered that they could not agree, as is shown by a sonnet in which Cecco can find no words bad enough for Dante, who has remonstrated with him about Becchina. Why Cecco in this sonnet should describe himself as having become a Roman, is more puzzling. Boccaccio certainly speaks of his luckless journey to join a Papal legate, but does not tell us whether fresh clothes and the wisdom of experience served him in the end to become so far identified with the Church of Rome.