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She attempted to push her hair behind her ear to no avail. She coughed as sand blew in her mouth and nostrils. This was no vacation, it was hell. She wanted to laugh. This was an airport? The rusty pole barn serving as the office, cafe, and air traffic control groaned with the wind.

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The fact that she was upside down with who-knows-what crawling in her hair had nothing to do with the seriousness of the situation. Not from the rusted nail that had her trapped but from the curse keeping her childless.

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Pissing off a Voodoo priestess was an excellent means of birth control, even for a virgin. Breath, sour with beer, bathed my face.

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His black eyes bored into mine, his hands clenched around my throat. Saliva pooled in my mouth, my lungs burned with trapped air but Matt only squeezed tighter when I pulled on his fingers. My eyes rolled and I gave up the fight. HATE was too strong a word — but only by a little. Loathing; that was better. Maybe even extreme dislike would come close to describing the reason my mind was seething on the first day of music class. Billy Bransford would be the name of the particular reason for my intense bitterness on what should have been a very pleasant day.

Billy Bransford was the bane of my existence, for almost my entire existence. And Billy was back. Alexa Gardner loved her late husband Jack, but hated his relatives. She only met Mark once — on her wedding day. His aloof manner fueled rumors about his trouble with the law. When he disappeared at the wedding reception, the family worried. Jack passed away believing his brother dead. Under normal circumstances, Katerina Miller was a very organized traveler.

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Under normal circumstances, Kate was organized in almost every aspect of her life. Instead, she was stranded with no way to get to her destination and no idea where her traveling companion was. Either all that silicone was going to fall out of her tank top, or the balding guy in front of her was going to do a face-plant right into the center of her expensive assets. Batting my lashes, I looked up locking, eyes onto a pair of eyes that did not belong to Will. When your entire future rested on your ability to seduce a man into doing the unthinkable, you needed to look the part.

This would never work. She was supposed to show up in four days — four!

From another pocket, she pulled out a fresh pair of gloves. I can talk you through this. You have to slide off the cover on the tower to remove the hard drive. With a rising sense of dread, Cal stifled a groan. He had no idea who she was talking to. Her voice mesmerized—calm, logical, competent. Sexy as hell. Staring blindly into the monitor in front of him, he tried to shut her out, to imagine himself anywhere but the Philadelphia offices of DeMarco Investigations.

Goosebumps broke out over her body, even as quick heat spread inside her. The owl tattoo on her shoulder blade tingled under his gaze. It was a dark and stormy night… again. Just like the night that had dropped Jake Thompson into her life. Instead of the start of an adventure, this was the end of it.

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I leaned out, looking both ways to see who was with him. How did you find me? I got the distinct impression he meant something else entirely, as if you had been at the end of his question. My breath caught in my throat. I mean, come in. The last thing Addie needed was a beautiful woman making her look an idiot.

Or a beautiful man. Well, she needed a beautiful man, but not one that thought she was an idiot. When she pushed open the door of the gym and saw the only occupants were ranks of metal sculptures, none of which looked beautiful, disappointment swamped her excitement. Addie went for the machine that looked the least intimidating, hoping for a stampede of testosterone-charged men before she broke into a sweat. The moment she started to walk, lights flashed. Maggie alternated running the air conditioning in her car and rolling down the windows, switching the key off and back on again.

He was late. Their appointment was for eleven, and the doctor told them to be early. It was now five minutes till. She shifted in the seat of her old Toyota and watched for him to pull into the parking lot, searching for a glimpse of his red Mustang convertible flashing past the parked cars. She arrived twenty minutes ago, listening to the local news on her radio.

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Last week her doctor confirmed her suspicions. Maggie was pregnant. Kate walked into the sea and winced as a cold wave hit her. Once the water reached her waist, she dived forward and began to swim. Moments later her sandals slipped from her feet. Damn, Kate thought, they were my favourites. She snorted with laughter and inhaled a lungful of saltwater. Wearing clothes and being cold would speed things up. Kate pictured herself sliding into a deep sleep and drowning. Then pictured herself choking as water rushed into her throat.

She batted away a hard ball of fear. No going back. Aubree McVee peered through orange and blue bangs to survey the room of male, sweaty bodies. The twirling smoke was as thick as a London fog minus the unique smell of pot that always seemed to follow musicians around. Bree held her breath not only to keep from triggering another asthma attack, but to keep the haze from entering her body.

Her topaz colored eyes flared when she spotted her victim passed out in the corner, his head pillowed by a tattooed, muscular arm. She smiled, her beauty hidden behind white, pasty powder. Loosing her virginity to this jerk was going to be a piece of cake. Thanks to her still fuzzy brain and a dull, but powerful rumble in her head, it took a few blinks and squints before the trophy, came fully into focus.

Four feet tall, with a base of imitation walnut, it had four tiers separated by shiny purple, white and gold columns that grew successively smaller as they rose to where a winged female stood. After the recent rash of vandalism the studio had endured, Ursula had really needed something in her life to run smoothly. Was it asking too much for that thing to be the test shots?

I despised Jeff from the moment I met him, back in We ran rival tour companies in Yosemite and he harassed us any chance he got. And, boy, did he have chances.

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The phone rang again. We do not give tours topless! Blue Riggins jerked the wheel. Gravel pinged against the fender. The truck fishtailed. Tires squealed. White-knuckled, Blue struggled to maintain control. Headlights flashed against the forest trees, illuminating a womanly vision. The Ford skidded past the apparition and came to a shuddering halt down the road. The stench of singed rubber hung in the air. She came into view again. His heart contracted.