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Many bathrooms take the form of outdoor shacks. Those seeking to preserve the identity of Kond face a number of obstacles, for the issue of heritage preservation is much more complex here than in, say, the ancient ruins of an Urartian temple where humans have not lived in for millennia.

Yerevan (The Capital older than Rome)

Look at how the residents of Kond are living today. Despite their harsh living conditions, the people of Kond are remarkably resourceful.

Walking through the city gives glimpses into the patchwork of construction materials residents use to circumnavigate material shortcomings. He even recalls one residence constructed a new balcony made out of an old van.

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These unclear boundaries between public and private are what give of Kondetsi s a reputation for being particularly friendly. Help yourself! Today, little pathways connect the rest of kentron to the veiny streets of Kond and despite the main roads that exist, many locals prefer the hidden foot trails utilized for centuries.


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What do you do when the same reason old buildings have not been demolished is the same reason people are living in poverty? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Ajam Media Collective This article was written by a guest contributor and solely reflects the views of the author. Map of Yerevan, outlining Kond. Photo courtesy of Google Maps. Photo courtesy of Karine Vann. Donning a patchwork of plaids, Petrossian himself was an appropriate ambassador for Kond. With regard to implementation of democratisation standards, the understanding of the status of EU-Armenia relations both in Brussels and in Yerevan is detrimental to the pursuit of needed reforms.

Indeed, if assistance is equated with imposition, or if advice means obligation, this mis interpretation will affect policy the implementation of the agreement.

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  • Reflecting this lack of ownership in negotiations with the EU is the relative misunderstanding of the European Union by the public at large in Armenia. This approach would see the implementation of less controversial areas of cooperation, such as improving the connectivity between the EU and Armenia. For instance, working towards the reduction and elimination of roaming charges in Armenia would help improve digital connectivity. Finally, a visa liberalisation regime, as the one implemented in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, would contribute to dissipate the administrative border existing between Europe and Armenia thus allowing a rapprochement between the two sides.

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    Moreover, a more calibrated communication campaign about the benefits of enhanced trade with the EU would foster an understanding about the benefits of trade to ordinary citizens. In the light of the presented evidence, it is clear that the EU should focus on reaching out to ordinary citizens if it is to engage meaningfully with Armenia. Many photographs and drawings complete the brief description of the monuments. The title is addressed to those who are interested both in history of the city and Armenia.

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    It will be useful for tourists and those who are hiking or riding and driving. The formal list of the monuments in the Republic of Armenia includes 24 of them and this gets permanently larger. Your Name. Rating Bad Good. Stock: Out Of Stock.

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